Barack Obama’s Remarks About ‘Idiot Idaho Potato Farmers’ Are COMPLETELY Unacceptable


If you ever wanted to know how completely out of touch former President/wannabe dictator Barack Obama is with the average American, look no further than what he had to say about hardworking men and women who grow our nation’s food supply.

Potatoes are in almost every meal Americans eat, in our snacks, and in a pinch you can make a battery out of one. But according to Barry Soetoro as he was known during his cocaine-using party days, the people who grow them are just “dumb hicks” and “idiots” who are “stupid.”

Obama was captured on a hot mic at a speech in Oregon just going nuts on people who did absolutely nothing to him.

“This Trump thing would be a lot easier to stomach if he wasn’t elected by idiot Idaho potato farmers and dumb hicks like he was,” Obama told a Democrat state lawmaker in a conversation he didn’t know was being recorded by someone nearby according to newspaper the Idaho Statesman. “When Hillary called them ‘Deplorable’ she forgot to add that they are stupid too.”

“Deplorable” is a slur hurled by Clinton during the campaign that likely cost her the election. It also became a rallying cry for patriots who support the President.

It’s time for Americans to stop taking Obunghole’s bullsh*t.



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