BREAKING: George Soros Found Dead On The Toilet

If you’ve been thinking to yourself that billionaire European George Soros deserves the death penalty for funding antifa and other Democrat terrorist groups and for interfering in our elections repeatedly with dirty dark money, God just took care of that for you in the most hilarious way imaginable.

Soros, who gave more than $30 million to Democrats in the 2016 election despite not being a US citizen, was found dead in the middle of the night on the toilet.

Recently, a White House petition to declare Soros a terrorist and seize his assets got a whopping 1.6 million signatures from p*ssed off patriots like yourselves making it the most popular petition ever on the “We the People” website. It only needed 100,000 for a White House response, but before President Trump could say anything God decided he would stop the evil billionaire’s heart while he took a dump.

According to the coroner, no foul play is suspected. Soros just led an unhealthy lifestyle and it all caught up to him in the end. His body was discovered by his granddaughter Josefina Soros-Gomez, who called authorities.

It’s perfectly fitting that he died on the toilet, being the piece of crap that he is. Now he’s Satan’s problem.


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