BREAKING: Fox Sports Cancels ALL NFL Broadcasts ‘Until Players Respect The Flag’

The NFL may refuse to listen when Donald Trump says that until players stop disrespecting our national anthem, our veterans, and our flag, team owners should fire people, but Fox Sports is helping him send the message.

Pointing out that “NFL attendance and ratings are WAY DOWN” because Americans “love our country” and have been avoiding them ever since Colin Kaepernick and his friends have been kneeling during the National Anthem, Trump suggested Americans as a whole boycott games.

Fox Sports took things a step farther Sunday morning with a bombshell announcement that until players either stop disrespecting our country or are fired to do so, they will not be airing any games.

President Trump is right that this has gone on for far too long,” Fox Sports spokeswoman Holly McGee told Fox And Friends Sunday. “We are standing with him and refusing to air the games until the 12 teams who have attacked the President apologize and players who disrespect our nation are punished.”

“I have to ask, what are we kneeling for at this point?” host Brian Kilmeade said later in the segment. “Because you talk about social injustice, this is the least sexist, least racist, most free, most equal, most prosperous country in the history of humankind.”

NFL fans would be wise to call their favorite teams and urge them to get rid of players who hate our country.




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