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BREAKING: Bill Clinton Arrested After 16-Year-Old Reports Him

If you’ve ever dreamed of seeing Bill Clinton go to prison, you’re going to be very happy when you hear that he was arrested Thursday afternoon right after reports surfaced that he sexually assaulted a 16-year-old girl at a fundraiser two years ago.

Samantha Cowell, now 18, says that Clinton asked her to meet him in the hallway to “talk” at a fundraising dinner for his wife hosted by her parents. Then he “dragged” her to a closet where he had his way with her.

While Cowell’s parents told her to “let it go,” the girl came forward as soon as she turned 18 and she was smart enough to save the clothing she was wearing – clothing that she says “has Bill’s DNA all over it.” Said clothing has been turned over to the D.C. Sheriff’s Office for analysis.

It’s unclear if this will go anywhere. Bill Clinton has already been accused of rape by more than 20 women, but nothing has ever come of it because of the political power the family has traditionally wielded.

It’s worth noting that Clinton made several trips to billionaire Democrat child molester Jeffrey Epstein’s “pedo island” where he kept children like Cowell to be used for sick men’s pleasure.

Perhaps now that Hillary Clinton disgraced herself with the last election and the victim was a child, we’ll see different results


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