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BREAKING: Michelle Obama Announces 2020 Presidential Run

Donald Trump’s challenger in 2020 might be more pathetically familiar than you would expect. No, it’s not Hillary Clinton (well, it might be, but this is someone else). It’s not Kamala Harris (once again, it might be but this is another man altogether). It’s Michelle Obama.

Despite saying numerous times, often without being asked, that she would not run for President, Obama registered for “her” presidential run with the FEC on Wednesday – a move that delighted people who wear “pussy hats” and scream “black lives matter” while ignoring, like the Obamas, the plague of blacks killing blacks that is gripping inner cites across the country.
Obama has not made a formal announcement as of yet, but the paperwork is all filed. “She” is doing this. “She” thinks she can win. “She” is delusional.

It’s unclear why she thinks Americans would vote for her when poll after poll shows she is less popular than Hillary Clinton, who lost by an embarrassing margin to Donald Trump,

but it will be entertaining to watch her face when Americans overwhelmingly tell her to get lose.

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