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UPDATE: New Bill Clinton Accuser Has DNA Evidence

Bill Clinton sure has a lot to worry about these days. Not only has yet another Clinton Foundation compound been raided, but another rape accuser has stepped forward.

Samantha Cowell says she was just 16 when she met Clinton at a fundraiser she was attending with her parents.

“I was so nervous when I saw him. It was like ‘wow, he was the President,” Cowell told the Little Rock Times Tuesday. “So I started talking to him and I was drinking wine and then he told me to meet him in the hallway because he had something to tell me.”

Cowell met Mr. Clinton in the hall as expected, where she says he “dragged” her by the hand to a nearby closet.

“He pulled my panties down and did it,” said a crying Cowell, who is now 18 years old. “I wanted to do something about it but my mom and dad told me to ‘let it go’ because the Clintons give a lot of money to a charity they run.”

Asked if she can prove her allegations, Cowell told the Times that she “already provided a sensitive article of clothing to the police that definitely has Bill Clinton’s DNA on it.”

Little Rock police refuse to comment on the “ongoing investigation” but if everything checks out he’s in a world of trouble.

So far, more than 19 woman have accused Clinton of sexual assault. To date, he has not so much as been charged in a single case.

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